Conventional Psoriasis Treatments

Welcome to the Spotty Hottie Science Page! The precursor to this wall of words was on the alternative treatments I have personally used to clear psoriasis during different times I have presented (been spotty). This article will focus on the conventional treatments offered to you by dermatologists. These medicines are

Alternative Therapies for Psoriasis

So you (or a person you care for) has the spots. It’s all well and good to get a diagnosis…but what next? There is a lot of information on different treatments for psoriasis all over the inter-space, but what is the best? There is no best. But there is a

What is Psoriasis?

What is Psoriasis? Other than a pain in the butt? Or arm, scalp, nails…wherever you may be presenting. To be put simply, psoriasis is an over production of skin. The skin is a complex organ made up of very many layers. The bottom layers get pushed to the surface dying